Receiver Development (Fraunhofer IIS)

The GalileoOnline GO! Project involves the development of a precise and robust high-integrity GNSS receiver designed for rail applications. Fraunhofer IIS contributes to the project by developing the GNSS receivers and supplying the corresponding platform.

The receiver achieves the desired performance by processing state-of-the-art GPS (L5, L2C and L1) and Galileo (E1, E5AltBOC) signals, plus fusing the rail vehicle movement model and the movement and IMU data with GNSS measurements.

Apart from the GNSS receiver, the Fraunhofer team is responsible for developing and implementing the sensor fusion method, which is based on the deeply coupling approach. This method integrates the correlation values of the GNSS signals with the aforementioned data and feeds corrections back into the tracking loops. The tracking loops thus function properly even when line-of-sight to the satellite is not available. This technique also makes the highly-precise carrier phase solution (roughly one cm) more robust and available.

Fraunhofer IIS is proud to be able to support the GO! project team with its in-depth GNSS receiver know-how.

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