Railway Innovation (InnoZ)

The InnoZ accompanies the technological development of the reliable and highly-precise Galileo navigation receiver for railway applications and includes relevant stakeholders from the rail sector, who are in direct or indirect contact with the application, into the development process. The goal is to answer the essential questions of user scenarios early on and to adjust the technology according to the future users.

The InnoZ believes in the approach, to not only transfer general requirements of rail institutions to the technology developers, but to also actively shape communication between stakeholders in such a way, so that a mutual understanding of the mutual development goals is ensured. A specific transfer of knowledge is needed, to harmonize the technological perspective of the developers and the social perspective of the users.  This inter- and transdisciplinary exchange is called socio-technical transfer. Such an explicit mediation between users and developers especially serves to make the development process more efficient and to make the results more suited to the application. Several procedure models as well as methods can support the mediation between various knowledge and experience levels and disciplinary backgrounds in line with the socio-technical transfer.

The approach of the socio-technical transfer is exemplified alongside the development of the receiver within the GO!-Project (Fig. 1).

160708 Abbildung GO! Homepage InnoZ 0.1 jpeg

Fig. 1: Development process corresponding to socio-technical transfer

The development process is observed so that recommendations for actions can be derived for the ongoing project. The results are successively completed within the course of the project and appropriate recommendations during the respective development phase are forwarded to those involved.