Central Services (SCISYS)

The full power of the Galileo Online – GO! receiver technology can only be deployed within an appropriate infrastructure.

An important feature therefore is the seamless integration of receiver hard- and software into an eco-system which provides a centralized evaluation of telemetry data flows to support multiple add-on services like condition based maintenance, cargo surveillance, online train monitoring, multi-modal traffic, mobile asset management, etc.

To this end a modular service architecture is developed by the SCISYS Deutschland GmbH in the course of this project. It allows subsequently extending the function scope of receivers (similar to the apps-concept on mobile devices) as well as adding more services to the backend ensuring the flexibility of the system for future use cases.


The figure illustrates the generic concept of the GO! service architecture. The receiver is equipped with a basic function for communication (COM/SEC) via a mobile network ensuring secure data exchange with the central infrastructure. Position information (POS) generated from GNSS and IMU data is forwarded to a central positioning service from where it can be exploited for a variety of use cases. New receiver functions are realized as plugins which may be connected to additional sensors or devices like a train computer. Add-on services may also be attached to the central infrastructure in order to support new use cases.

SCISYS is a leading provider and experienced partner for monitoring & control, data processing, automation, infrastructures, data services and applications.



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