Communication (Vodafone)

Sophisticated communication solutions for positioning assistance and applications

The Internet of Things is expected to be everywhere in the near future and the most important information of each of the connected devices for many applications is probably it’s exact location.

Galileo Online: GO! is a publicly funded joint research project to develop a highly precise, robust and real-time localisation function combining latest available GNSS technologies with a number of sensors to  further compensate possible gaps the GNSS positioning. It also provides an integrated cloud solution to realise applications to utilise and further enhance the position information. The proposed solutions as well as the prepared Demo cases specifically address the Railway industry which did not have a lot of attention in respect to localisation and IoT so far.

The Vodafone Network will interconnect all the Galileo Online: GO! receivers and assist to even further enhance the localisation function based on network parameters and its LBS technologies.

The specific focus of Vodafone within the GO! Project is put on the development and integration of a powerful communication solution for the Galileo Online: GO! system.

In order to achieve this Vodafone on the one hand provides an optimised mobile communication network based on the latest LTE advanced technologies. This network is provided in a Lab as well as in a live environment. It will provide all capabilities to allow the elaboration, execution and evaluation of sophisticated application- and technology test and integration scenarios.



Source: 3GPP TS 23.271 version 13.0.0 Release 13

On the other hand Vodafone develops a Galileo Online! integrated Smart Featured Cellular Device (SFCD). The purpose is to provide two essential capabilities. The one is the high performance, low latency mobile data transmission to allow not only for a powerful communication between the GO! receiver and the Central Services entities, but also between the GO receivers itself when involved in a specific application. The other equivalent exciting purpose is to provide a second source of the position information which is derived from non GNSS based data, specifically from data available in the mobile network technologies, its parameters and measurements.

SFCDVodafone Smart Featured Cellular Device


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