Breaking news: The closing presentation of our project results with live demonstration takes place at 21th of June in the chanting yard of the Rail & Logistik Center Wustermark in Bahnhofstraße 2, 14641 Wustermark.


The project aims at the development of a reliable and high-precise Galileo navigation receiver for railway applications. Application-specific problems, e.g. signal shadowing in railway specific receiving conditions, are analysed, possible solutions are developed and implemented.

A unique selling point in the receiver development is represented by the seamless connection of the receiver soft- and hardware to central services. Therefore, a system is designed using a synthesis of optimised communication channels for data exchange, as well as, services based on a modular service architecture. Thus, by means of modern navigation and communication technologies, new realisation scenarios with focus on railway applications can be designed. Thereby, for instance, the efficiency of existing processes can be increased and, at the same time, the potential of modern, precise navigation tools can be integrated into the economic value chain.

The efficiency of the overall system is shown exemplarily using an automated shunting scenario. The scenario is implemented on mobile test platforms (Buggies) and, in addition, on testvehicles within a real marshalling yard to validate the system under real railway conditions.